Advanced Forex Programme: Learn to Trade Like a Pro

Part 1: Forex Essentials

Course overview:

Broken down into three modules, this video-based course is perfect for aspiring Forex traders looking to get a solid grounding in the basics of Forex trading. This introductory course will give you an insight into the history of Forex, how and where it all started, the many benefits of trading foreign currencies, and the main players in the Forex market. We’ll show you how to analyze charts and graphs, and we’ll introduce you to key concepts and essential terminology. We’ll also get you started by helping you set up a practice trading account, and we’ll go over some of the key points to consider when choosing a broker.

Course modules include:

Module 1: Getting started

  • -Welcome to Forex!/Forex: An overview/What is Forex?
  • -Why trade Forex?
  • -Market players
  • -Choosing a broker
  • -Practice demo account
  • -Disclaimer

Module 2: The Basics

  • -Forex charts
  • -Trading currency pairs (base and quote)
  • -Bulls and Bears
  • -Short selling

Module 3: Key Terminology

  • -Ask and Bid
  • -Spread
  • -Pips and points
  • -Digit quotations
  • -Leverage
  • -Margin
  • -Take profit
  • -Stop loss

Entry requirements:


Course delivery:

Study online at your convenience.

Course assessment:

Multiple choice tests follow at the end of each video.