Part 2: Forex Advanced ‘Trade Like a Pro’

Course overview:

Made up of 6 modules, our advanced Forex trading programme combines video-based instruction with live sessions taught by an expert trader. This course will show you the mechanics behind fundamental, technical, and sentimental analysis and how to use a range of strategies when trading on the Forex markets. We’ll analyze key concepts such as Support and Resistance, Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, and Fibonacci retracement, and we’ll also look at how to trade cryptocurrencies. You’ll also learn effective risk management tools before taking part in live practice trading sessions with expert traders to hone your trading skills.

Module 1: Focus on analysis

-Three types of analysis (Fundamental, Technical and Sentimental analysis)

Module 2: Fundamental Analysis

  • -What is Fundamental Analysis and how to use it
  • -Reading the economic calendar
  • -The role of central banks in Forex
  • -How to apply Fundamental Analysis to Forex markets

Module 3: Technical Analysis

  • -Support and resistance: Understanding candlesticks
  • -Understanding price movement
  • -SandR basics
  • -Advanced SandR and tram lines
  • -Moving averages
  • -Bollinger bands
  • -Fibonacci retracement levels
  • -Forex Robots and Algorithmic Trading
  • -Scalping
  • -Elliot waves
  • -Breakouts
  • -Voltaility

Module 4: Cryptocurrencies

  • -What are Cryptocurrenices?
  • -Why trade Crypto?
  • -Investing V trading in Cryptocurrencies
  • -Focus on strategies

Module 5: Managing Risk

  • -The ten ways to manage risk in Forex trading

Module 6: Live session bonuses

  • -Revision and extension of key trading strategies using Technical and Fundamental analysis

Entry requirements:

  • Students need to complete our ‘Forex Essentials’ course before signing up for our Advanced course.

Course delivery:

  • Video course material and live sessions delivered by expert traders.

Course assessment:

  • Multiple choice tests follow at the end of each video and a comprehensive end of course test.